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About Lacuna (1)
Emerald Coast, the Invasive Forest City

Digimon Liberator is a fully immersive VR game set in a virtual space called Lacuna.


Lacuna is a cyber world formed from a complex fusion of mapping data from the real world. The result is a landscape that feels familiar yet has never been seen before—unique scenery that blends the known with the unknown.

This virtual world is divided into seven distinct areas, each forming an island composed of various cities.

Each of the seven islands is also a city and a distinct area that together form this virtual world.

Today, let's explore one of these areas: Emerald Coast, the Invasive Forest City.


As the name suggests, this area is a vast city encroached upon by nature.

It primarily features skyscrapers, but there are also places resembling Southeast Asian ruins and Japanese-style buildings, all of which are taken over by plants. It is an unreal sight, with a quiet atmosphere befitting of a faded, post-apocalyptic world.

In Digimon Liberator, it functions as a tutorial area for beginner players embarking on their first adventure, with most of the battle NPCs encountered being low-level.

The area's quests are mainly split into two types.

One type involves defeating a set number of battle NPCs within a designated time limit.

The focus here is to get accustomed to the battle system and game mechanics by defeating low-level NPCs. The NPCs in the Emerald Coast are generally programmed to let players win, and unless players make significant mistakes, the difficulty level is such that they can likely succeed. A notable feature is that many NPCs use Green cards.

The other type of quest involves answering quizzes about the Digimon Card Game, given by NPCs. These quests are unique to the Emerald Coast and feature various levels of difficulty, ranging from deducing the names of cards and Digimon to more complex problems akin to solving tactical puzzles in chess.

These quests are designed to be enjoyable for both beginners and seasoned players, with rewards varying according to the difficulty level. The rewards primarily consist of decorative items that enhance the player's appearance and their D-Storage units.

Successfully solving high-difficulty questions may also yield ability items. These can be used to create Tamer Cards that bestow new abilities. It seems that Shoto Kazama has managed to acquire one, thanks to his extensive knowledge.

There is talk of an NPC who specializes in quizzes with exceptionally high rewards, but since no one has yet encountered this NPC, it remains just a rumor. However, the quest for this NPC has captured the interest of some players, prompting the formation of search groups and generating significant viewership for videos analyzing and tracking quiz NPCs.

Players confident in their Digimon and Digimon Card Game knowledge are encouraged to visit the Emerald Coast not just for battles but also to tackle these quizzes.

One can observe that the Invasive Forest City is not only a beginner-friendly area but also beloved by many players for its relatively peaceful setting.

Moreover, there is another reason why new players are encouraged to explore the Emerald Coast early on.

Digimon Liberator, while primarily an online card game, also leverages the capabilities of fully immersive virtual reality to offer content that enriches the gaming experience.

A big part of that experience is the Main Scenario.

In the Main Scenario, players will be drawn into a grand tale of fate through encounters and battles with NPCs in various areas throughout the world.

"What led to the creation of Lacuna?"

"Why do robots and androids (NPCs) exist in Lacuna?"

"Why have the Digimon become cards?"

"What is the E.G.G. standing at the center of Lacuna protecting?"

Players will delve into dramatic mysteries like these that exist in the world.

One of the most remarkable parts of fully immersive VR games is traveling through a dimension different from the real world. Through the Main Scenario, players can enjoy that experience to the fullest.

Beyond just enjoying card battles, players are highly encouraged to immerse themselves in the world of Digimon Liberator through the Main Scenario.

Located in the Emerald Coast, the Invasive Forest City, are NPCs that act as conduits to the episodes of the Main Scenario's prologue.

This article will introduce a part of that story.


Once home to a highly advanced civilization, the metropolitan federation of Lacuna was a city that reached the height of prosperity.

However, 300 years ago, the original inhabitants vanished, and robots and androids have since proliferated as the new ruling species of Lacuna.

You are an explorer from an extraterrestrial survey team.

Your sole mission is to determine whether Lacuna is suitable for immigration from your dying home planet.

You successfully land on the Emerald Coast, the least dangerous area of Lacuna. There, you encounter Makina, a robot on the brink of shutdown.

After you succeed in communicating, Makina follows its final programmed directive—"Entrust to the last one you speak with"—and hands you several cards.

These are cards of Digital Monsters (Digimon), the original species that once ruled Lacuna.

Makina informs you that these cards can temporarily unleash the sealed Digimon, granting various benefits to the user.

While it remains uncertain if the inhabitants of this world will accept your kind, these Digimon cards could provide leverage in negotiations.

With those final words, Makina's power is exhausted, and it falls silent.

Holding the Digimon Cards entrusted to you by Makina, you recommence your investigation of this world.


This is just the beginning of the Main Scenario in Digimon Liberator.

To see what happens next, we invite you to experience it firsthand.

The Emerald Coast is not only frequented by players because of its role in the Main Scenario—it is also popular as a base of operations, thanks to its quiet atmosphere and relative peacefulness.

As such, it can be considered an ideal city to take the first step in your adventure.

The Invasive Forest City welcomes all and excludes no one.

Numerous encounters with other players await you there.

Discover the excitement of Digimon Liberator by beginning your adventure right here in this city!