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About NPCs

Digimon Liberator is a fully immersive VR game set in a virtual space called Lacuna.

Here, players can enjoy battling each other through the Digimon Card Game. Additionally, there are numerous NPCs who provide a variety of in-game activities.

NPCs are an essential part of the game—here we will introduce some of them.


1. Tutorial NPC

This is the first NPC players will encounter.
This character will diligently explain the basics of the game system and the fundamental rules of the Digimon Card Game. It will also introduce Lacuna's key locations, such as the central district of Jewel and the Emerald Coast, the Invasive Forest City.

Equipped with an AI specialized in game information, it responds to all questions in a friendly manner. It has a meticulous nature, giving the time down to the second and providing information about Digimon in an easy-to-understand way. However, it has a bias in the data it references; it speaks in unusually great detail and with passion about Demon Lord Digimon, such as Beelzemon and Lilithmon . This is rumored to be due to repeated questions from avid fans of the Seven Great Demon Lords.
Despite its tutorial role, this NPC will suggest scheduling a meeting with the Game Master (GM) for overly complex questions or inquiries not covered in its library, adding a touch of endearing personality.
Unfortunately, some players exploit this feature by persistently asking meaningless questions to annoy NPCs, a practice known as "NPC trolling." While repeated questions about the same Digimon are considered acceptable, some players intentionally try to confuse NPCs by asking about entirely unrelated content.
Since all NPCs continuously transmit information to the Game Master (GM) in real-time, particularly malicious behavior can lead to the player being banned.
Although these NPCs are not designed for long-term interactions, if you do engage with them, make sure to keep your conversations within the bounds of common sense and be friendly.

2. Battle NPCs

Within Lacuna, the most common NPCs are undoubtedly those designed for battle. These NPCs range from low-level ones for beginners to high-level ones for advanced players. Winning battles against them provides experience points, which will increase your Player Level each time you reach a certain amount.

Increasing your Player Level has several benefits: it allows you to customize the effects of Tamer Cards, save more decks, take on quests that require certain levels, and access more areas in the game.
To fully enjoy the world of Digimon Liberator, it is essential to increase your Tamer Level, and so battling with NPCs is a necessary part of the journey.

3. Shopping NPCs

Primarily located in the central district of Jewel. These NPCs allow players to purchase various items by paying with the in-game currency called "Bit."

The types of items available for sale include:

  • - Fashion items that affect the player's appearance
  • - Decorative items that influence the look of D-Storage units
  • - Items that change the UI design
    (*While several types of UI are available by default to suit different player settings and controls, many players customize these to optimize gameplay.)
  • - Experience point-boosting items
  • - Custom abilities for Tamer Cards
  • - Digimon Cards and Option Cards that can be integrated into decks

There are also rare nomadic merchant NPCs that can be encountered outside of Jewel, albeit with a low probability. These merchants offer exclusive items and daily offers that can only be bought from them. If you spot one, don't hesitate to interact with them!

4. Quiz NPCs

Found only in the Emerald Coast, the Invasive Forest City, quiz NPCs pose quizzes to players.

By answering these quizzes, players can receive various rewards. Typically, the main rewards are random items corresponding to the NPC's level , but occasionally, high-level quiz NPCs may give custom abilities for Tamer Cards.

Since these NPCs are exclusive to Emerald Coast, players who are confident in their knowledge of Digimon and Digimon Cards should definitely take the opportunity to challenge these quizzes.

5. Transport NPCs

These NPCs specialize in tourism and are stationed in each area to enhance the player experience. Normally, players use portals for quick transportation between areas, instantly arriving at their destinations. However, some might find this method a bit boring.

For those looking for a more scenic route, visiting these transport NPCs is a great choice.

They offer transportation with various vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and planes. These NPCs can transport players not only to different areas but also to distant locations within the same area.

Taking a slower journey to enjoy the views of Lacuna is highly recommended for a relaxing and enjoyable travel experience.

6. Conditional Battle NPCs

Some battle NPCs are unique, challenging players to battles under special conditions.

These NPCs do not drop reward items, but defeating them will earn you a large number of experience points.

Below are some of these special conditions:

  • - Limited number of cards in hand
    Typically, there is no upper limit to the number of cards in a hand in the Digimon Card Game. However, under this condition, the maximum is set to 7 cards. If a player has 8 or more cards at the end of their turn, they must return cards to the bottom of their deck.
  • - Changes in number of security cards
    In standard battles, the game starts with 5 security cards. Under these special conditions, the battle might start with fewer or more security cards than usual.
  • - Starting Digimon
    This special rule involves having a Digimon already in the battle area at the start. In some of these battles the memory gauge will not start at 0 and may begin on either the player's side or the NPC's.

Furthermore, the starting Digimon might have abilities not typically found on standard cards, such as <Rush> or <Jamming>.
These are among the most challenging rules in Conditional Battles.

There are many more unique rules for conditional battle NPCs that we haven't covered here. Players confident in their skills should check them out for themselves.

7. NPCs with Names

In Digimon Liberator, each area features NPCs with names who are essential for understanding the history of Lacuna and events within each area.

These characters are crucial for progressing through the main storyline and event scenarios. Due to their importance, they each have distinct personalities and quirks.
Despite having limited screen time, some characters have become quite popular, such as a girl wearing a cat-eared hat with a straightforward personality or an android that uses AI to come up with new sarcastic remarks every time you meet.
Additionally, some characters like Sam the Jester, known for his seemingly meaningless yet potentially meaningful long stories (that were quickly edited due to length), have become a subject of speculation and discussion on social media.

8. Other NPCs

Numerous unique NPCs are positioned throughout Lacuna's central district of Jewel. These include a police officer who prosecutes players breaking rules, a hotel concierge who organizes tourism programs within Lacuna, a nurse who prompts players to log out after long sessions with a warning, and a coach who teaches techniques for improving battle skills.

While the roles these NPCs serve may seem minor, they are indispensable for enriching the ambiance and depth of Lacuna.

Even if you are a player who is primarily interested in battling, you might find it worthwhile to listen to these NPCs. They could enhance your enjoyment of Digimon Liberator, taking it beyond 120%!


With this, we have covered the main types of NPCs present in Digimon Liberator.
Using D-Storage's archive feature, you can view the data of NPCs you've encountered. Aim to complete the NPC encyclopedia, and enjoy the game!